I have been doing a study of those that read Blogs. Many are relatively intelligent but there are the confused few that see Blogs as their prime source of reading material. Looking at blogger profiles I have seen a number that under the topic of books read, state they don’t read books. One stated “Don’t read books , no time for that non-sense.”

As I know this person frequents this Blog. My words of wisdom to you are;

Stop reading my blog go find a good book. I would rather you read a book than anything you read here.

2 thoughts on “GO READ A BOOK

  1. I’m currently reading Chasing the Flame, by Samantha Power (a name you may recognize), about a guy who worked at the highest levels of the UN for 30-odd years. He negotiated with some scary people — e.g. the Khmer Rouge! It moves along pretty good, and it’s informative to boot. Highly recommended.

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