Ad Hominem Now That’s Entertainment

Over the years I have removed comments with the following adjectives to describe people and their comments.

Silly *

Stupid *

Fool *

Clowns *

Dumb Fuck


Nutty *


Shit head


And a few more I likely missed. If the word is used to describe an idea or concept that is fair game but I don’t allow insults to the person. Such insults tell me two things 1. You really have no basis for your argument 2. Your not intelligent enough to debate on this Blog.

What I find interesting is that CTV allows these kind of comments in reply to their news articles online. The * denote ones I have seen on CTV.

For example;

Josh in Edmonton (wrote)
Instead of posting silly comments like this, why don’t you look at the facts.
We need tough leaders who understand what the word leader means.
Send in the army and not fight? why not put paper targets on there backs as well. Bring on the election and I’ll supply the YELLOW paint for the back of the 3 opposition others.Allan Eizinas These clowns are prepared to play with Canadians lives in an effort to stay in or take power.

The old lady
Again the Liberals think of themselves and not the victims of Crime. Bunch of fools, If they think the Public agrees with them they are sorely mistaken. The whole lot of them should be recalled and by elections called in their ridings.

Norm in Mexico
Dean don’t be rediculous. If Keen was up to her snuff, she should have known for 16 months and 29 days prior to the shutdown that there was a deficiency in the system and make moves to correct back then. That’s why she was canned I’m sure. Lunn did good.

GD Ont.
Ms. Keen was fired because she was stupid. Autonomy in your position does not give you the power to make parliament look bad. The decision may of been in her realm of power but why did she not call the minister before making a decision that would cause the firestorm this one did. I suspect it was political. She thought she could do what ever she wanted with out regard for the government or the safety of people requiring the isotopes. There is a right way to do things and she chose the wrong way. we all answer to someone and in the end, anyone who works in a public position answers to the elected government. Most people with any common sense knows you do not make your superiors look bad if you want to keep your job. HELLO

Is it just me or are the comments on CTV just for entertainment, of those that enjoy mud wrestling?


One thought on “Ad Hominem Now That’s Entertainment

  1. Let’s face it those people are a bunch of Silly, Stupid Fool. Those Clowns are nothing more than Dumb Fucks led by a Jackass whose Nutty ideas make his Nutter, Shit head, Asshole friend look smart. 😉

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