It is Time to Say it IMHO Mulroney is a Crook

 This Is My Humble opinion and probably the first true to form Rant I have typed in a long while.


Enough is enough. I think it is time for us to stop the legal dancing and get down to saying it frankly.

Brian Mulroney took money from Karlheinz Schreiber for favours of some kind if not Airbus favouritism then possibly promoting a federal grant and a contract for Thyssen Industries to build light-armoured vehicles in Nova Scotia.

These are the facts we know

1. Even Mulroney admits he took Money from Schreiber

2. Schreiber is a crook Germany has convicted him  is chasing him for white collar crimes and seeking his extradition

3. No body gives away 300.000 for Nothing, only a ripe raving lunatic would argue that point (or a Lawyer)

4. No one really knows why Schreiber gave Mulroney money.

5 Someone is lying Schreiber says the money was to help Mulroney in the transition to public life, (or to buy new furniture) Mulroney says it was for help in a pasta business and Schreiber says he isn’t into pasta.

Here are some questions

1. What sort of political idiot takes money from an arms lobbyist

2. What sort of Idiot hands out 300.000 and won’t really say why

3. Why would Schreiber say he wasn’t into pasta – Is there something shameful about making pasta

4. Why does a PM need money to transition to public life – President Clinton admits that he is making more money now on talking tours than he did before he became president. Maybe no one wants to listen to Mulroney.

No matter how you rationalise, sugar coat, or fairy tale the damn thing, Mulroney is a crook. I don’t care how great conservatives think he was as a PM, he was still a crook. Sir John A McDonald was a great PM but he was still a crook. Richard Nixon was a great statesman but he was still a crook. Winston Churchill was an awesome PM but also a total alcoholic . No one is perfect Mr Mulroney not even you.

If this Idiot wants to be remembered as one of Canada’s greatest Prime ministers maybe he should have kept his big trap shut and let people remember his accomplishments. In going on TV and mouthing off on how bad everyone was to him he just turned the spot light on himself.

So now he has an official inquiry that can either hang him or exonerate him, but people will continue to ask the questions above unless, he can provide better answers. Why: because no matter how hard he tries to convince us the answers he is standing by are lame. If he isn’t a crook I would be surprised, if he is he’s a crook and a liar. I hesitate to say he is a good lawyer because lying comes naturally to him.


6 thoughts on “It is Time to Say it IMHO Mulroney is a Crook

  1. Even with Shreiber’s revelations that Mr Mulroney was not connected to him during Mulroney’s term as PM, there remain some unanswered questions. Did he do anything for shrieber during his time as an MP? All that aside it is still a hedgey legal dance.

  2. Okay 2 things. When I am in a hurry I can’t spell worth a damn, and Schrieber can’t really tell the truth. today he says Mulroney did get money for the Airbus affair just not from the 300.000 he gave him. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Whatever….

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