Global Warming -Debunking the Rhetoric

We have all heard the polemic rhetoric on Global warming there seems to be two differing sides to the story those that claim that Global warming is a myth and those that claim the world will end tomorrow.

If you recall I posted a comic on this a number of months ago that showed the liberal and conservative approach. In Canada we tend to agree that Global warming exists but the severity and the cause is what we debate. In other nations there seems to be a dialogue going on over whether Global warming actually exists.

So I looked around and with some direction from David Suzuki (not personally) and I found an excellent article that debunks the myths that feed the flames of the anti global warming fire.

If you read nothing else on Global warming this month please read this.

Climate change: A guide for the perplexed
17:00 16 May 2007 news service
Michael Le Page


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