Lightning strikes (literally):Alberta woman loses husband and unborn child

Sometimes life is so cruel. One tragedy is hard enough to bear, but to lose your husband and your unborn child simultaneously? It’s unimaginable.

From today’s Globe and Mail:

Kara Hicks, 26, of Leduc, Alta., was in an Edmonton-area hospital in stable condition Sunday, along with her 21-year-old sister, Kathleen Keen of Edmonton, who suffered serious burns. …

Kara’s 26-year-old husband, Chris Hicks, was killed instantly when lightning hit a tree they were standing near [at a provincial park].

Kara, who had been pregnant but lost the baby, issued a statement Sunday through a Capital Health spokeswoman.

“They arrived at the boat dock Saturday morning about 10:30, loaded the boat into the water and began hauling the gear onto the dock when they noticed a storm in the distance that approached quickly,” said the spokeswoman.

“They pulled the boat ashore quickly and moved the gear along the treeline, and were just discussing whether they should wait out the storm or head back when lightning struck.

“It all happened very quickly, according to Kara.” …

The tragedy badly shook many campers at the provincial park southwest of Edmonton.

“(The victims) were all laying on the ground,” said Monica Silva. “Some of them were covered up. They were very pale. It was a sad scene.”

Ms. Silva [who was 140 metres away in a trailer] said the early afternoon storm was brief and only cast a half-dozen lightning bolts. The deadly one came last, and there was no mistaking it, she said.

“It was so loud. … We’ve never jumped so high.” …

On its website, Environment Canada recommends people stay away from trees and water during lightning storms.

It says that people who are in a forest should seek shelter in a low-lying area under a thick growth of small trees or bushes.

It also recommends that people not stand in a group, but instead spread out, and stay several yards apart.


One thought on “Lightning strikes (literally):Alberta woman loses husband and unborn child

  1. Awesome power in lightning strikes, absolutely. Same thing often happens on golf courses. Trees, water and metal objects, bad. But in truth nowhere in the open is entirely safe.


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