The 50 Cent Political Update Rant

A expatriot Canadian turned American friend of mine asked – “I hear Harper is getting nailed from all geographical directions. That true?”

So I created the 50 Cent Political Update Rant

I haven’t checked Harpers popularity rating recently I am
hoping it is going down. The provinces are developing a well earned hatred
for him. Harper is breaking the 2005 accords that exclude resource revenues
from the equalization formula. This is making the “have not provinces” more
have not, and thus pissing them off royally. Calvert is threatening to take
the Federal Government to court and Harper challenged the Atlantic provinces to take
the Government to court. Dion is loving this crap but Dion is still not Canadians
choice of Prime Minister. When will the liberals learn that Canada wants a PM with
Testosterone, that said Sheila Copps would also qualify but I suspect she
had too much testosterone.


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