Hey Joe We Don’t Want Your Money

I am absolutely disgusted by fundraising efforts put forward by Canadian political parties.

Why because they have been targeting the wealthy so long in fundraising they seem to have forgotten that the average Joe that might be able to give only a few bucks, likes to feel he is involved.

I used to be a member of a service club which raised thousands of dollars annually for charitable causes. We built a community health centre, supported kids clubs, helped raise money to build a local arena, contributed to the Canadian Institute for the blind, and the Cancer society among many other things.

The average cost to attend a fund-raiser was $20 to $50, our youth organisation had car washes and ticket raffles etc…

What do the big three political parties in Canada do?

After scanning the websites of the three big parties, including the one I am a member of, the average fund-raiser costs you $100 to get in the door then they pass the cap for more so to speak. They generally have golf tournaments were you pay the greens fee and then more as a donation.

Have you ever gone to a BBQ that costs $125? Even with a donation cost those had better be damn good burgers. Is it because party members won’t flip burgers unless it gets them in the news?

The average joe who pays $25 bucks to see the ball game from the cheap seats who wants to help his parties voice be heard is being told they don’t matter because they can’t pay.


2 thoughts on “Hey Joe We Don’t Want Your Money

  1. You are spot on about most politicians losing sight of the long view on fund-raising. Before the Harper crew became CA’s current administration I loved reading the daily blog of MS, a conservative MP from MH in A.

    His daily life and activities seemed filled with the comings and goings of town folk and ordinary citizens, as well as an appreciative manner of describing the changing cycles of life one experiences living in rural CA.

    I would hope that after his party came into power, and he became a minister, he was still capable of appreciating what he had become so capable of describing. I don’t know whether he has or not.

    I dread to think he might have “changed” in the past year or so, as he seemed then to have been a prime example of all that was good about being Canadian. Hope he hasn’t. Even if he’s not one of your favorites, he at one time was a good neighbor to Yanks.

    Except that he still preferred coffee at Tim’s over Starbucks. But I digress.



  2. But that just says the conservatives profess to serve the common man. The lack of fund raising that allows the little guy to help out, tells us that his membership in the party does not count for much. And I am accusing all parties of this. (except the Green Party – which seems to make thier fundraisers more open to everyone.

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