Green Amish

I may not agree with the religious beliefs of the Amish but I do respect them for holding to what has to be the most difficult of religious lifestyles.

Often the Amish are accused of being backwards, but recently the Amish who have proved they aren’t backwards just different. Knotwurth Mentioning, in his Blog Vita Machina, pointed out that the Amish are actually one step ahead of us when it comes to being green.


One thought on “Green Amish

  1. Good posts, bill and km, but this moss-back conservative has never considered the Amish to be “backward”. Different? Yes. But not ‘backward”.

    When you see their modern wheeled tractors being used merely for stationary power sources for feed mills and other agricultural processing equipment you realize they have another view of technology, but are not necessarily “anti-techies”. They just play and work by different rules. And their results in spite of ‘handicapping’ themselves thusly seem amazing.

    I suppose it is the clothing issue that mostly nearly ‘identifies’ them as backwards. But suffice it to say no modern international clothing conglomerate has made much money off them by importing items from slave-labor third world nations, so who’s to say they haven’t a valid pov?


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