"Shoefiti" Star?

This is cross posted from my own blog:

Yorkregion.com – News – ‘Shoefiti’ leaving footprint on telephone, hydro lines

So apparently a local newspaper reporter visited my blog entry on “Shoefiti” and then writes an article based on my blog entry.

Here’s where the hillarity starts:

1. I read an article in the Toronto Star about Shoefiti and start making connections between the article and my life in New York City and Aurora. I provide some random thoughts and presto I get quoted by a local newspaper reporter.

2. The newspaper reporter, trying to get an interview with me, calls my parent’s house looking for an interview. I don’t return the call because I can’t believe that the reporter, Joan Ransberry, hasn’t noticed all I’m doing is making connections between the Toronto Star article and Aurora. It’s really not the far fetched. In fact, it must have been a slow newsday for her just to quote my article as evidence shoefiti is alive and well in Aurora.

3.Now here’s the fun part. The Toronto Star is owned by Torstar. Torstar owns Metroland. Metroland prints local community newspapers. Metroland publishes the Era-Banner and other newspapers appearing at yorkregion.com. What a small world.

For now I will take the compliment that someone in the field of journalism actually thinks I’m an expert on this subject. This is despite that all I know on the culture of shoefiti I learned about by reading the Toronto Star article and speculating a bit via a few random thoughts that I came up with while writing the blog entry.

Perhaps this might lead to a disclaimer having to be posted on the blog…”Mike is not an expert in anything but random thoughts…”

UPDATE!: Further coverage of my original blog entry is quoted at Shoefiti.com and the post can be found here. I wonder if this is how Joan Ransberry of the Era-Banner found my blog entry? Apparently I’m a “Shoefiti star” after all even though I was providing only random thoughts? Go figure….


3 thoughts on “"Shoefiti" Star?

  1. What delicious fun! You need to ‘opinionate’ more, Mike. Maybe Torstar might even end up putting you on its payroll.


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