As a former New Yorker (I spent a year living there does that make me qualify as a “New Yorker”?) I used to ride the subway all the time. It was the cheapest way to get around town in the quickest amount of time.

I guess this is why I have come up with the fascination of public transit in both New York City and Toronto. I’ve noticed I’ve written quite a bit on taking the subway, either directly writing about issues on the subway systems themselves or in taking the subway to a place or event.

So I came accross a video that never crossed my mind in ever doing. The Youtube video is from a New York City subway car. Lets paint the picture before watching the video:

-The subway system is used by over 2.5 million riders a day.

-It is also the dirtiest transit system I’ve ever encountered when comparing Ottawa’s, Toronto’s, York Region’s and New York City’s.

-people’s hands hold onto the metal bars of subway cars to maintain balance while standing as the subway train moves.

-I’ve seen more nasty unclean homeless people on the New York City subway system than any other transit system I’ve ever ridden.

Now for the video (caution…don’t eat beforehand!):

This video evidence means if I ever ride the New York City subway system again, to wear surgical gloves because you never who or what may have touched that surface last!

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