Proof that Cell Phones Rot Your Brain

Most people that have flown in recent years know there are limitations on the use of electronic devices on planes. The reason for this is, such devices could cause interference with aircraft navigational instruments. So in my mind anyone with a half a brain should know enough to NOT use their cell phones or their laptops (with internet access) while in flight.

Well it looks like there are a large number of people that own cell phones and laptops with wireless capabilities, that lack one thing A BRAIN.

On a recent flight to Vancouver I saw at least two people attempting to use their cell phones and sitting next to me was an idiot that checked his email and surfed the net for half the flight. When I got back I told this to a couple coworkers and rather than be PO’d as I was they defended these idiots. It seems that all too many people have the idea that they know better than the airlines. One guy I was talking to said “the airlines are behind the time the navigational equipment is well shielded now,” another said “ wasn’t it broad daylight when you flew … Its not like it was night and he couldn’t see were he was going.” Another said that the restrictions are just to prevent disturbing other passengers.

Get a grip people ! these are the rules whether you like it or not, and God help you if you can’t live without your Blackberries and cell phones and laptops.

There are a number of things you can do to keep these toys running during the flight. First you can download your email before you leave the airport terminal and check it on rout without being online, and you can do the same for your blackberry. Some airlines provide phones onboard (though most of the time they are not working) and if you want to be entertained there are radio and movie services on almost all flights.

Would I have been within my rights if I yanked the laptop away from the idiot beside me, after all I could say I was just trying to protect the lives of everyone on board?


5 thoughts on “Proof that Cell Phones Rot Your Brain

  1. I don’t know, Bill, you might be becoming a conservative! Threatening to take some type of hostile unilateral action or other when things aren’t going exactly as you expected them to? What in the world is happening to my northern friend?

    Actually, your friends may have something of a point. On a recent flight on Delta and a Delta feeder airline (the latter flying a nice Canadair 700), we were told that cell phones and wireless devices were only prohibited during take-offs and landings, for the same period of time the “fasten seat belts” sign was required, otherwise they were OK because modern passenger jets had all been upgraded to allow in-flite use of that class of wireless devices.

    Of course I wasn’t on your flight, so that might not have applied to your aircraft, but I do know that airlines tend to be a little bureaucratic, at times, but then that only really bothers conservatives like me, they say.

    JUST kidding, Bill. Cheers

  2. I was thinking something much the same as 49er. Last flight I was on (Ottawa-Vancouver), we had the same restrictions – only during taking-off and landings. I suspect it might have been the case here, too, otherwise, it being broad daylight, the stewards would certainly have said something.

  3. The stewardesses did say something to the cell phone users. The guy with the laptop just did it anyway, the stewards may not have noticed. Inflight instructions on air Canada’s older planes are quite clear, electronic equipment is allowed except for those items that broadcast, so they recomend you turn off your wireless functions. Mary I suspect you got lucky and had a newer plane, the last three times Michelle and I went out west we had an older plane’s with the cell phone laptop ban mentioned during inflight instructions. Air Canada was one of the first companies to allow inflight cell phone use on newer planes, but US providers don’t (and I looked it up to check In the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering proposals that may eventually allow you to use your own cell phone or wireless data device on airplanes after take off. Currently, cell phone users generally are permitted to use their phones before takeoff and after landing. FCC rules ban cell phone use after a plane has taken off because of potential interference to cellular phone networks on the ground. In addition, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has rules prohibiting in-flight cell phone use because of potential interference to navigation and aircraft systems.

    In Canada it seems it is up to the Arline. That said the cell phone companies don’t want cell phones used in the air, not for commercial reasons but for physical network reasons. The following article explains it well, but the long and short of it is too many calls from planes could crash a cell network.

    What is odd here is that in the US were the individual and individual liberties are king, There is as mentioned an all out ban.

  4. Interesting, bill, and passingly strange. My last flights were from Monterey to Salt Lake City and then Phoenix, and return, and there was definately no attempt to ban cell phone use or internet connectivity once the seat belt signs went off. Don’t know what that means. Western open spaces = not as critical to cell towers as it would be in the eastern population centers? Curious.

    Btw, this new blogger commenting protocol has sure become an idiodic nuisance. Google has finally proved itself too stupid to live in the adult world anymore. I’m going to have to change from them, I guess. Too bad. They once were the cutting edge. Now they’re just trash. I’ve had to enter the word verification six (now seven) times so far to get this far. Dumb, dumb, dumb and dumber. Not you, though.


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