Just Watch Him

He is not his father but once again we have a Trudeau in Canadian Politics. However, the sins and virtues of the Father are not always visited on the sons. I would suggest that we think twice about voting Trudeau based on the name. Pierre Trudeau was a towering figure who helped redefine Canada but while Justin has his merits, I suspect he lacks the political savvy of his Father. Maybe with political experience he will grow to match the stature of his father but that will take time. He has the tongue of his father however I am not sure that both tongue and intellect are acting in unison.


4 thoughts on “Just Watch Him

  1. I can’t stand Justin Trudeau. He makes my skin crawl. However, his father had a rather unfocussed and playboy youth – though he managed to nurture and display his considerable intellect even while he dissipated his youth…

    I lost any taste I might have had for Mr. Trudeau, junior, at his father’s funeral. That touching little speech he gave smacked of grandstanding. Was he mourning his father’s death or playing to the biggest audience of his life? Me, I’m firmly convinced it was the latter. Ick. I suspect it’s Sasha who is much more his father’s son. Justin has an awful lot of Margaret’s neediness and, er, simplicity of mind. And oh, he’s so very pretty!

    But, as you point out and I concur, he’s young, and time might prove otherwise. I think you might concur with my suspicions that his facile tongue may not have nearly as much intellect behind it as the Trudeau name might suggest.

  2. I’m not sure Sacha is much better given some of the comments he has made. (none specifically coming to mind at the moment, but he did say some moderately dumb things about Fidel Castro being a great humanitarian once)

    As for grandstanding by Justin I suspect there was some of that, but the final emotion in the J’taime Papa, was very convincing but the Freinds Romans Countrymen stuff was a bit over the top.

    One problem we have is to discount emotional content as smarmy or, put on, because over dramatic emotions make us uncomfortable. There seems to be a huge amount of opinions on Justin’s Eulogy of his father, either you love it or hate it. It seems historians are set to drop it into the history books as one of the great Canadian Eulogies of all time, I can’t say I totally agree. I think it was well done, but you may be right on the sincerity part, the only sincere part may have been J’taime Papa. I recall another funeral I went to though, where the husband cried out “I love you I will always love you” while grasping the casket. So in reality Justin’s reaction makes him human not briliant.

    As for Margaret T. Personally I feel sorry for her not because of the poor picked on PM’s wife crap but she is obviously not entirely mentally well. I question the media’s criticism of her intellect, which undoubtedly wasn’t briliant in anyway, but I am lead to beleive that she could not have been as mentally insufficient as they claim because Trudeau married her and I don’t think he was so superficial to have chosen a trophy wife so to speak.

    The conclussion is as we seem to agree, Justin has some growing up to do but so did his father, I suspect he comes by his grandstanding tendancies honestly. I recall a few well orchestrated piroettes and a dive in a swimming pool that had no other purpose but to make the news.

    To be a trudeau seems to also mean you have to be self absorbed to a degree. Justin seems to have developed it late though probably because of his lisp and the shadow of his papa.

    most political eulogies are to glorify the speaker more than the eulogized but to use your own fathers eulogy for this purpose might be questionable.

    My biggest concern is that too many liberals are centering around Justin’s candidacy simply because of the name, the poltics are secondary.

  3. One problem we have is to discount emotional content as smarmy or, put on, because over dramatic emotions make us uncomfortable.

    I assume you’re talking in general terms there, not referring to MaryP herself. I know that she wasn’t put off because the scene was emotional, but because of its whiff of theatricality.

    I was thinking of something you mentioned, Trudeau Pére’s pirouettes. They looked spontaneous, but in fact he rehearsed them in advance in front of a mirror.

    Still, it’s not quite the same thing. Surely one’s emotions on the occasion of your father’s funeral should be spontaneous?

    Justin has his father’s charisma. I also gather that he’s unflappable in a verbal sparring match. So he might be a formidable political candidate; it’s too early to tell. His eulogy won’t hurt his prospects, because I suspect large numbers of ordinary folk took it at face value, and cast Justin in a very favourable light.

  4. Correct assumption, I was referring to the average reaction in Canada. Canadians privately are romantic and emotional people but public emotions are not our forte. I read one study that suggested that the reason there are more dating agencies in Canada is because we are not comfortable expressing emotions in public.

    And I agree “Surely one’s emotions on the occasion of your father’s funeral should be spontaneous?” as I said “most political eulogies are to glorify the speaker more than the eulogized but to use your own father’s eulogy for this purpose might be questionable.”

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