Is Jack Layton’s middle name "Ass"?

I nearly killed myself laughing while reading the morning paper on my commute in to work this morning.

From the Toronto Sun:

It was a low blow that would have made Abbott and Costello smile.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper played straight guy to a tongue-tied NDP Leader Jack Layton yesterday as Question Period erupted into laughter.

Layton had been hoping to press Harper over government assistance in the oil patch, but the words missed their mark, so to speak.

‘After all these years of inaction, will the Prime Minister finally get something done and do something the former government would not, and cancel the subsidies to big oil and big ass — big gas…’ he stammered.
Behind him, Layton’s own MPs erupted in laughter.

Harper couldn’t hide his amusement as he rose to respond.

‘Mr. Speaker, I promise to get to the bottom of it,’ he said.

With his back turned to Layton (Harper generally speaks directly to Speaker Peter Milliken in the opposite direction), Harper went for the double.

‘I am really not sure whether I should take what the leader of the NDP says personally,’ he said. “


And who said politics isn’t punny?


2 thoughts on “Is Jack Layton’s middle name "Ass"?

  1. Sorry I missed this one. (-: Poor Jack.

    Every once in a while politicians can get in a good one. A previous conservative prime minister, the Honourable John Diefenbaker, was also good at quick turns of phrase. When responding to Pierre Trudeau, Diefenbaker said ” Mr Trudeau when you first entered this house I thought you a true wit, now I realise I was only half right” (paraphrased due to a bad memory)

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