The Future Prime Minister of Canada Michael Ignatieff?

The initial speeches are over and the first vote is now history – and the order is …

* Michael Ignatieff: 1412
* Bob Rae: 977
* Stephane Dion: 856
* Gerard Kennedy: 854
* Ken Dryden: 238
* Scott Brison: 192 (
* Joe Volpe: 156 (thrown his support to Rae)
* Martha Hall Findlay: 130 (unfortunately eliminated)

Dion gave a real lack luster speech .

Rae Didn’t talk enough French and gave too many pseudo apologies for his record in Ontario.

Dryden gave an amazing speech but is still considered an underdog.

Ignatieff played it safe and said very little more than he has and maybe even less.

Volpe didn’t wait five minutes before walking over to Rae.

Kennedy gained with Justin Trudeau’s support but most don’t think it was enough.

Martha Hall Findlay gave an excellent speech If I thought she stood a chance I would vote for her.

My original choice of Ignatieff seems to be playing out. Everyone is looking for the next Trudeau and Ignatieff is the closest thing but seems not to have Trudeau’s vision while Kennedy might have it he hasn’t the charisma.

There are rumours the Ignatieff camp will unveil a heavyweight endorsement on Saturday, but I think that having Marc Lalonde on side is a pretty good endorsement to start with.

So my money is on Ignatieff unless Rae keeps picking up the delegates from the eliminated contenders, but a few have already hinted they would release their delegates to vote as they wish by not endorsing anyone.


3 thoughts on “The Future Prime Minister of Canada Michael Ignatieff?

  1. I stand corrected I was going by Martha’s comment where she said her campaign started late, I guess she was referring to momentum.

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