Crime should pay? – Crime should pay?

Recently a “correctional investigator” for Correctional Services of Canada recommended that inmates pay rates should be increased from a maximum $6.90 per day. This increase would rise to at least minimum wage. However, the inmates would then be required to pay income taxes, Unemployment insurance and CPP contributions.

So here we are, the Corrections system in Canada will become a full fledged money making business right? Not really, inmates would continue to receive three free meals a day and a free room. Who pays for meals and room? The taxpayer thats who.

Instead of this ludicrous idea proposed by the “Corrections Investigator” that will end up costing taxpayers millions of dollars, why not have the inmates turn the jail into a community. The jail inmates would be shareholders in a business that would create a product or item that could be sold to the outside world. This product could be made produced while “working in the laundry department, and in certain workshops, including metal, wood and textile” that the artilce mentions. The inmates would only be paid if there was a profit left over after full corporate taxes had been paid.

Sure the inmates wouldn’t see a dime in the first few years of work. But that would be very similar to the businesses that are started up by hardworking entrepreneurs. The lack of income in the first few years of business might drive the point home to some inmates that when you rob a small business, you hurt not only the small business but the entrepreneur’s family as well.

Taxpayers at first would continue to fund the meals and the housing of the inmates. But taxpayers dollars would slowly dwindle downward as the jail’s business grew in income until the inmates paid all the bills for food and housing costs.

The funding of these costs might occur after five years of the business plan being implented. This business plan would be phased in accross the country over time. After the five years, the business should be up and running and profitable. Once this occurs and, thus, the inmates are starting to be paid, the inmates should start paying for the costs associated with their own housing and meals. These costs would be a percentage of their income. Hypothetically, 40% of the inmate’s income should go to housing, another 40% should be going to meals. Those that make more money via working more and participating in jail programs more should be rewarded with larger jail sells than those that refuse to take part in the community.

The idea of jails becoming business is just one way to force inmates to try and re-integrate them into society. From a victims and taxpayers point of view this question often arises: ‘Why should inmates receive free room and board paid for by the taxpayer, while the victim and their families are forced to fend for themselves?’ The main idea behind the business idea above, is to get inmates to start paying for their own care instead of living off the avails of the taxpayer.

But of course, this will never happen. Taxpayers will be fleeced when the minimum wage is instituted in the corrections system. This is because not only will the taxpayers be forced to pay the minimum wage for inmate’s work, but also continue to pay for the inmate’s free room and board. Canadians are sometimes called “hosers”. In this case Canadians will be the ones “hosed” by the their very own inmate “hosers. ” That should be a crime in itself.


2 thoughts on “Crime should pay?

  1. In the US the prisons are already money making enterprises but not for the cons. To be honest I agree with neither way of doing things. What ever happened to the idea of them paying their debt to society?

    Sorry human rights aside (or at least some of them should be) Prison should not be a money making enterprise for anyone.

  2. If they can earn a wage, they must be responsible for paying the same as everyone else – that includes tax etc, but it also includes their bed & board. As prisons are excruciatingly expensive to run, I doubt many prisoners would actually see any of their wages:-)

    I wrote a Utopian World post on the Prisons a while ago, that said prisoners could earn their normal wages while inside, but all expences would be deducted, plus they could not access the money until they were released (although it could go to family members). Although my Utopian world doesn’t use prison as a punishment, so there would hopefully be less criminals, spending less time inside:-)

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