Christian Video Games?

Being rather sick with the flu over the weekend I had the opportunity to sit in all day and play video Games. But I did this with a purpose, not only because it was all I was fit to do. My purpose was to review as many so called Christian Computer Games as I could find.

Recently on Stephen’s blog he exposed some of the inappropriate violence in even so called Christian computer games. I am really not concerned about the violence in video games if they are treated like games but there are many children out there that play these things that really shouldn’t because they are either too young or to impressionable to be playing these games. The best advice I can give is that a parent should play the games before they let their child play them.

But then there are inappropriate games for all ages with violence were it is never appropriate or misleading games like the so called Christian game outlined on Stephens Blog. I concur with Stephen Left Behind Games , Eternal forces is violent non-Christian garbage and yes I played it.

A Christian video game in my opinion should have no killing even in defence, killing is not what Christianity is about, it should be honest and clean and have all the ethics and morals preached by Jesus. That said a game need not be entirely educational or fiction free as most Christian video games seem to be.

Christian video games seem to be of four varieties

1. Preschool Sunday school games (there are more of these than anything else)
2. Encyclopaedic study games
3. Adventure Games
4. So called “First Person Shooter Games”

Category 1 Preschool Sunday school games have some excellent games such as Do You Know Who I Am? – A Game of Biblical Personalities for Windows by Barbor Software. They are sometimes condescending and of limited appeal to the usual gaming age group (12 to adult). The scary thing is some of these are exclusionary and say things like “people following false gods, will never know gods heaven.”

Category 2 Encyclopaedic games are great and tell Bible stories with amazing clarity and graphics try Interactive Parables by Graceworks interactive for example.

But there are others that are not so good such as Cactus Game design inc’s Catechumen which gives a very negative view of the Roman empire and a very slanted history (not that Romans were, oh to friendly to Christians, for a long period of time) That said they may not hold the attention of the gamer crowd that want to explore beyond reality.

Category 3 adventure games, these are great but all to often they involve violence that is entirely unnecessary such as the one described in Stephen’s Blog that started my quest to find a GOOD Christian video game.

It is pathetic but it seems I could only find one really Good Christian video game that appeals to gamers beyond the age of 11, Nacah by Virtue Games. Not that there aren’t more but they should not be as hard to find. If you have ever played the classic adventure game Myst you will like Nacah the following walkthrough explains it well

Category 4 games are violent and entirely IMHO un-Christian like those produced by Left Behind Games. These things are of dubious Christian value for example 3rd Day Studios’, Captain Saint a so called (by the creators) First person shooter Even the description is sick – Captain Saint is a shoot-em up aerial game. An unrelenting force known as the ROG Alliance, have made themselves known. They have invaded the cosmos, and have taken prisoners captive. You are Captain Saint. Your mission? Set free those held captive by the ROG Alliance! Using “High paced, action packed, real-time battle action”

A Killing Saint what an entirely vile idea.

Oh well that is My take on Christian video games for those that want to do their own research and If you are a parent I suggest you do, here is a list of the ones I looked at.


5 thoughts on “Christian Video Games?

  1. wow, what a lot of research:-)

    I don’t like 1st person shoot em up’s in general, but I just don’t understand HOW any of them can claim to be Christian – or crtainly not mainstream christian. as you say, it’s the opposite of what the religion is supposed to be about.

    however, i’ll have to go check out some of the educational ones – I never thought of biblical games for my kids education. i wonder what other religions have the equivilent? I’ve found a number of nice children’s bible’s, but have failed miserably in my attempt to buy him a children’s Koran:-( I guess it’s not the right political time to publish such things in regular bookshops. he does have a nice set of Buddist stories too, but few others. maybe the internet will be a better resource.

  2. Hi, I’ll be straight up with everyone reading this. I am the creator of Captain Saint. And my game has totally been misrepresented here. I dare any of you readers to take the time to download and play the game, and tell me what you think of this “Killing Saint.” It really pays to play the demo before making such outrageous assumptions. The only things that you “kill” in Captain Saint are the “vicious” bat fiends, and a few other hellish creatures. I can’t believe someone would be so biased and hateful as to write such an untrue article, anyone can simply download the demos misrepresented here to see how untrue this article really is. I really hope that the writer of this aritcle can be more thorough in his research and more honest in the future.

  3. How could it possibly be misrepresented I used the words from your advertising. SO you are saying that your marketing dept misrepresented your product?

    And who cares what is being killed.

    Christ cast out demons not killed them, or did you miss that point of scripture?

  4. And by the way Saying you need to play this garbage to know it is like saying how can you criticise drug addiction unless you’re an addict, or you can’t say how bad porn is unless you watch it?

  5. As for doing my research If you had bothered to read my blog you would know I am an extreme Christian pacifist. So killing anything is wrong.

    I think this glorification of violence even in self defence is crap.

    A Saint is by most definitions, one who sacrifices himself for others, not one who sacrifices others (even his enemies) for a greater cause.

    I will never sacrifice my principles for expedience. It is easier to kill than to die for what you believe, wasn’t this what Jesus tried to tell us? Sorry but those that would Kill for God missed his message totally.

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