King Ralph Snorts Again

A joke, scripted by Ralph Klein’s office staff and told Tuesday night by King Ralph at the annual Calgary Homeless Foundation roast, poked fun at Belinda Stronach for crossing the floor from the Conservatives. Although this was a roast, I think the comment was in bad taste and went too far. It was however no great surprise as Klein suffers from chronic hoof in mouth disease. He said ”I don’t think she ever did have a Conservative bone in her body. Well, except for one,” and followed up with

”Well, speaking of Peter MacKay,” he continued.

I know roasts are by definition tongue in cheek and meant in lighthearted good fun but do they have to be vulgar.

Just proving Ralph and his staff are Low and vulgar thank God his reign is coming to an end.


2 thoughts on “King Ralph Snorts Again

  1. Also for those conservative types like Klein that are STILL harbouring a grudge against Belinda for crossing the Floor. It’s old news so….


  2. A comment – or thought – like that should only be appropriate whilst commiserating late night in a pub with – at the most – two close friends. Ralph has done it again, obviously, and therefore confirmed what was already known. He has become a dreadful and vulgar bore.

    Good pickup, bill.

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