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4 thoughts on “SIN ?

  1. Kudos to the United Church for trying to shake of the stuffy image most people have of Christianity. But I’ve been to their services …. People who expect worship to live up to the lively image of the advertising campaign are likely to be in for a surprise.

  2. p.s. to Bill:
    I changed the settings to allow me to comment as “other”, and use my WordPress url. Otherwise, I can only comment under my blogger ID.

    But this means people can comment anonymously. Hope that isn’t a problem.

  3. It is not so much to bust up the stuffiness but to show that the United Church is open minded. With the united church liveliness is church specific and seems to depend on the minister to a large degree .It seems that UC ministers are often way to cerebral and the congregations too old (average age being about 50-60) Suburban congregations and congregations with young ministers are often the best as the age of the congregation is somewhat younger in the suburbs.

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