How does one parade a sacred cow?

Sacred Cows

There are in each of us sacred cows that we protect with a passion that can be destructive to any who should try to slaughter them. The problem with Blogging in a community that includes friends and relatives is that we must be very careful to hide the cow completely so others are not aware that cow is being protected. So we build walls around the issues and are very careful not to talk about the cow should the machetes come out. I suspect that we all have such beasts in our metaphorical mental barns.

Some people are aware of my sacred cows (I have several) my question is how does one parade a sacred cow without getting its head chopped off, or endangering those that might attempt to chop off a rump or rib? Of course I am talking in metaphors as I don’t own a Machete but I have a pretty sharp tongue. That said, there are times I regret using my verbal Machete and times I don’t.

So again How does one parade a sacred cow?


3 thoughts on “How does one parade a sacred cow?

  1. I’m a strong believer in direct communication. So, one option is to signal to people that you feel very strongly about the subject you’re addressing, and that you might come out all guns a-blazing with anyone who responds disrespectfully.

    That way, people know they can dissent from your opinion, but they should do so with due regard for your passionate feelings.

  2. A sacred cow has much in common with a drunk elephant on a cruise… both are hard to hide, both make a lot of noise, but one can, given the proper propaganda, convince everyone else that what they are in fact seeing is a buttercup…

    Sharp words have their place, even in the PC world in which we live, and I say, use your shapr words wisely, but don’t not use them for fear of offending. If offending someone is the worst thing you do in life, I’d say you are going to be all right! 😀

    I think as long as you keep a respectful tone about your words, people will realize they have no right, actually, to be offended, and maybe consider your words more carefully than if one simply zings them with sarcasm (as I tend to do… my downfall, really…)

    Catch ya later

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