2 thoughts on “Monkey Business Part Deux

  1. Are you kidding me? That was so shocking. Why did they even use a model in the first place? That woman does not exist.

    Hi Bill!

  2. Probably easier to use a base image than make a computer creation. That said, I suspect they are exagerating a bit. There was an “Ugly Betty” episode that was on this very same thing. The plot was someone stole Betty’s precopy of the magazine that had unretouched images of some star in it and everyone freaked. The star however okayed the publication of images saying that natural beauty was better than the retouched version.(fits well with the theme of the show – that the beauty industry is superficial and stupid.)

    So the campaign for real beauty is gaining some credibility. That said, I will lay a good bet that 99.9 % of all stars will still want their images retouched.

    I am more concerned with the physical modifications many women do to themselves to match these false ideas of beauty, but humankind has done this for years all over the globe, like Neck stretching in Africa, food binding in Asia, skull binding central and South America etc…

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