The Blogster Trap

A while back I signed up for a Blogster account, in order to comment on an interesting Blog. I created a mirror like blog to this one and posted a few articles. Since I am not really checking in to often on that blog I decided to delete it.

This is the catch Blogster does not let you delete your account or posts after 7 days.

I sent a nastygram to one of the owners who has as yet to respond. If they do not solve this and delete my account I am tempted to post not to nice things about them on their own system.

This is just a warning to anyone that might use Blogster. It is a trap unless you plan to be there for life DON”T DO IT !

Note I did not link to them this is not an add for Blogster.

This is why I LOVE BLOGGER !


2 thoughts on “The Blogster Trap

  1. Well complaining helps I seem to be free from the Blogster trap, my account is gone.

    I suppose it doesn’t hurt that I changed myname to Bill Clinton and published my address as crapsville Alaska and rote my intro up as why I hate Blogster.

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