Thanks to Catharine MacKinnon, I’m a Liberal Feminist.

Liberal feminism seems to be on the decline. Why, because of Catharine MacKinnon-inspired censorship laws. What do laws on obscenity have to do with the decline of feminism? The answer is simple. If women and men are equal as liberal feminism claims then the definition of obscene put forward by neo-feminists like MacKinnon is wrong. The definition being that “what is obscene is what harms women, not what offends our values.” – (Catharine MacKinnon) This implies that the recognition of inequality should be the basis of gender law in as much as the equality of the sexes .Catharine MacKinnon a leader of the censorship movement in the 1980’s showed us a new face of feminism that differed from liberal feminism. Feminists like MacKinnon claim that liberal feminism has harmed women because it allowed men to discriminate against women. For example if a woman is equal to a man she should no more rights than that of a man, correct? But what of the right to pregnancy leave? So neo-feminist conservatives would have the equality basis of law scrapped rather than simply include an amendment to law that allows for exceptions.

So with some degree of Pride I say I AM A LIBERAL FEMINIST!

Why because although men and women are different they are equal, to make unequal and obscene claims, like “obscene is what harms women” and not men and women, takes us back at least one generation. While applying a gender based lens to legislation is not a bad thing to scrap the idea of equality because of the exceptions to the rule is stupid. I say with a great deal of Sarcasm – Thank You Catharine MacKinnon.


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