Hello Anyone Home?

The U.S. Homeland Security Department announced Thursday that it will be installing high-tech devices along the border with Canada as part of a multibillion-dollar plan to reduce illegal entry into the United States. In the next three years Canada’s border with the U.S. , be patrolled by cameras, sensors, unmarked planes and watchtowers.

The main problem with this plan for Canadians is it is a one way deal. Going from the US to Canada the weakest point is the border crossings themselves not the patrolled or unpatrolled borders themselves.

Michelle and I were coming back from the US on Monday we approached Canada Customs border check point the light was green and we pulled up into the lane.


No guards No gate down NOTHING. We waited for about 3 minutes before a guard came to the window and said “Sorry I did not see your plate what is your plate number” I answered, gave her my ID and said we were returning from a camping trip in the US and she said “thank you” and that was it. What a Joke. They may as well have hung up a sign that said


I guess they figure there are no terrorists in the US that might flee to Canada, and Timothy McVeigh was a Boy Scout.

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