Respect of Faith

Please read the news article below my Rant and tell me I am wrong !

As many of you know while I am no fan of terrorists, I am also not in favour of the use of “security certificates.” My opinion is if there is enough evidence to hold these suspects on so called “Security Certificates” then just arrest them. If there is not enough evidence to arrest them then watch them. Our legal system was developed over years of hard thinking and at times hard lessons. Security certificates are, a political way around human rights, and our well established legal system.

Aside from that and even if you disagree with my position on security certificates, I think we all should be able to agree that we have no right to hold them as suspects (not as yet proven guilty) and treat them with disrespect in the process. Personally I believe that a persons faith should be respected even when their rights have been curtailed, it is both a respect for human rights and a respect for the faith itself. If we provide Kosher food to prison inmates (as we do) then there is no reason we can’t accommodate a request to have breakfast served to Muslims before sunrise during Ramadan. To refuse such a trivial request is an insult to the man and the faith. As a devout Christian or Jew would you appreciate being told you had to work on the Sabbath, because you might be guilty of a crime the state has yet to prove? It would mean to you that the system commands you to disobey God, and is this not an insult to God. Is our prison system too lazy to cook a few meals (three to be specific) a few hours early or is the Muslim faith even the good elements not worthy of the system’s respect. It is no wonder we are becoming the enemy of the faith not just the fanatics. Oh and for those that support the idea that the detainees save some of their food from the night before, this is ridiculous they thus are denied the same amount of food offered to real prisoners and have to eat some of it stale for a month (sorry I don’t know how long Ramadan lasts). This is disgusting!

All this does, is make the system look rude, racist and stupid. I am not a racist redneck I don’t appreciate it when the system I pay taxes to support behaves as one.


Terror suspects denied religious rights: lawyer

Updated Mon. Sep. 11 2006 2:06 PM ET

Canadian Press

OTTAWA — Three suspected terrorists detained on controversial national security certificates are being denied their religious rights, a lawyer for one of the men said Monday.

A request to have breakfast served to the men before sunrise during Ramadan still hasn’t been addressed, despite a federal court judge directing all parties to meet on the issue, said lawyer Barbara Jackman.

“The holding centre has already told them they won’t provide breakfast before dawn,” said Jackman.

“If they want to eat anything in the morning they have to save their dinner from the night before, which is not appropriate.”

Observant Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset during the month-long Ramadan ritual, which begins Sept. 24.

Jackman raised the issue as final arguments began at Mahmoud Jaballah’s security certificate hearing.

Jaballah, Hassan Almrei, Mohammed Majoub remain detained under the certificates at the Kingston Immigration Holding Centre. Mohamed Harkat and a fifth man, Adil Charkaoui, have been released under strict conditions.

Jackman said efforts to arrange a meeting have been ignored and she fears the issue won’t be resolved before Ramadan begins.

“It’s been over a month and nothing’s happened. There’s been no meeting and no attempt to negotiate,” said Jackman.

“It’s petty bureaucracy.”

Jaballah, Almrei, Majoub are the only people being detained at the centre.

“The only detainees at the holding centre are Muslim, so why can’t they do it if it’s part of their religion?” said Jackman.

Jaballah, a father of six, came to Canada in 1996 and was detained in August 2001 on an unprecedented second security certificate — several months after the courts quashed the first one as unreasonable.

Under the certificate law, Ottawa can decide if a foreign citizen poses a security threat without telling the person why, then detain him or her indefinitely without charge.

If the security certificate is upheld, it becomes an immediate deportation order.


3 thoughts on “Respect of Faith

  1. Bill, I won’t enter this fray over the ‘security certificate’ question, but I will speak to the special breakfast hours accommodations question.

    In my view the proponents of any religion must be prepared to pay the price in personal and creature comforts when their special requirements come into conflict with the circumstances of their current existence – regardless of the cause. That they are in a public prison with limited feeding hours is simply a means of providing a test of their beliefs. IMHO if they are truly believers, then they should rejoice they are being so tested. Unless there is some other agenda at work here.

  2. True but is it fair to make concessions for other faiths but not the Muslim faith?

    As I said Jews get Kosher food. This is just more amunition for Muslim extremists to use against us. If we don’t want to be portrayed as the great Satan, we should at least be consistant with our treatment of all. So maybe remove Kosher meals, but then there would be an uproar from jews. So the simple answer is feed them earlier -no big deal, it is after all, in this case only two meals, for those described as suspects not guilty persons.

  3. The fairness thing, IMO, comes into play this way. If the kitchen staff can reasonably accommodate anyone’s prescribed diet requirements, common sense says they should. If the kitchen staff were on duty early enough in the work day to prepare meals for practicing Muslims – and if the facility’s food delivery systems could also be easily adjusted, then it would seem to be the proper thing to do.

    But I don’t agree with your characterization that somebody is being “lazy” here without further information – which to my mind is simply lacking.

    So here we go back to my “reasonable” test. Is it reasonable to bring enough staff in early enough (paying overtime, of course – remember these are government jobs?) to prepare and deliver these meals? And since neither of us knows the true answer, we probably need to accept the word of the facility manager who has budget responsibility on this issue unless the government wants to give her/him ‘carte blanche’ on this question.

    As to the more “ammo” issue, suck it up. Ain’t no big deal. Besides kosher, our prisons also provide low sodium diet items for medical needs. Should we stop those in order to be “fair”?

    What accommodations are made for western diets in Saudi prisons, do you suppose? Any ideas on that? Positive annswers there might help me change my mind.


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