Al Qaeda Experiments with Genetic Modifications

Forwarded by a Fellow Blogger, to remind us that humour is often a good weapon.

BY POPULAR DEMAND (a slight genetic correction)


5 thoughts on “Al Qaeda Experiments with Genetic Modifications

  1. I am shocked – shocked, I say – that my northern cousins would resort to such base and barbaric humor at the expense of a poor, helpless camel. Please say it isn’t so! My eyes must be deceiving me.

    Although I must admit that after living three years in Afghani and Paki caves he might just SMELL like one of God’s poor four-hoofed creatures, in the name of PETA I must protest your public posting of this degrading photo.

    On second thought, forget it! It sure made me laugh, so thanks!


  2. Given that you use your name, you had better watch yourself. You’ll end up on a “somebody murder this infidel” list with the Dutch cartoonists. And I’m only half joking.

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