Tisha B’Av

Today is Tisha B’Av or the ninth of Av, a day of lamentations and solemn remembrance in the Jewish faith. Why; because so much bad has happened on this date and the Kinot prayers recited during this time express that.

Though my Jewish friends may find this offensive I could not help but wonder what Kinot will be recited for these days. While I pray for Israel I also pray for the minority of true innocents in Lebanon. I am also worried that Hezbollah will exploit this time of remembrance and mourning. Our prayers should be for all.


2 thoughts on “Tisha B’Av

  1. Thank you for this.

    I don’t think Hezbollah exploited this day, but they have no qualms about exploiting the innocents around them and using them as shields, even to the point of perphaps keeping them put so as to become surefire victims and to heap more apporbations on Israel. It’s a terrible and complicated situation where the only thing that seems to flourish is hate.

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