Douglas Fisher

Sometimes a columnist you love reading retires. This happenned to me today.

Douglas Fisher of the Toronto Sun finally retired after more than forty years of columnising from Parliament Hill Press Gallery in Ottawa. Fisher has been around since Lester B. Pearson was Prime Minister right up until Stephen Harper’s current government.

Fisher, being a former CCF MP, has loads of experience on “The Hill” as both an MP and as a politician. In fact he has been referred to as “The Dean of the Ottawa Press Gallery” because of this vast experience.

Fisher, in his last column before retirement, takes a look back at those over forty years of poltical columnising to reminisce about the positive and negative changes. Also, he takes a look at what Canada might hold for the future. This last column is well worth a read in order to take a quick look at where Canadian politics has come from since the Second World war right up until today.

I will miss Fisher’s political insight and will be looking for a good replacement probably in the Toronto Star’s trio of Graham Fraser, Chantel Hebert and James Traverse. But none of these three currently hold the vast political and media experience that Fisher has. So I guess Fisher may have to be replaced by three columnists without any political experience.

Sheila Copp’s you say? She may have the political experience, but she seems to angry at the old Liberal party and the Paul Martin camp to provide us with an unbiased view from the hill. She also doesn’t have the experience nor the respect of the Ottawa Press that Douglas Fisher had.

So I guess there may be alternatives, but no replacements. It is true, somethings in this world simply cannot be replaced.

Update: After finally picking up the paper version of today’s Toronto Sun, I found a full page article (including picture) about Douglas Fisher.


One thought on “Douglas Fisher

  1. His final column reads as if Fisher were a national treasure. I can understand why you will miss him. Thanks for the post.

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