A dubious trade-off

I purchased a salad at lunch time today. It was 3 cents cheaper than the last one I bought, because of the GST cut that went into effect on Canada Day.

Thank you, Stephen Harper’s Conservative government.

In other news:  Canada voted against the UN’s Draft Declaration on Indigenous Rights. The only other country to vote against the Declaration was Russia.

Maybe we should reconsider. I’m willing to pay the 3 cents on my salad, if Stephen Harper will agree to sign the Declaration.


2 thoughts on “A dubious trade-off

  1. Absolutely considering economists have told the Government that the cut in the GST was the most ineffective thing they can do for the economy.

  2. And remember, Harper is an economist by training, so he knows better.

    Jeffrey Simpson at the Globe and Mail has been relentless on that point. He views the Conservatives as knowingly choosing good politics over good policy. All that matters is winning a majority the next time around. Good policy? — who cares?

    I also think it constitutes another disturbing parallel to US policy under George W. Bush. Never mind Canada’s international reputation. Who cares whether the rest of the world thinks Canada is soft on human rights when it comes to indigenous people?

    Just like Bush on Iraq, Kyoto, and several other matters of international concern.

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