We Have Mice

And nobody noticed the mouse? or at least commented on it.


6 thoughts on “We Have Mice

  1. O.K. Bill….WHATS WITH MOUSE”?

    Is the mouse here to finally get rid of some of the cheese on this board?

    Did Oscar no longer take interest in the board so the mice finally moved in?

    So many questions so few answers…

  2. I was trying to figure out how to put a graphic in the bottom corner and used the mouse as a place holder. Then Michelle called me away to go swimming and I just shut down the computer. Hence the mouse. But it fits so well I thought I would leave it there and see if anyone noticed but no one did it has been there for over a month now.

  3. Bill, I saw it and thought I’d just be polite and not mention it.

    So now you got me! Rude again! I can’t ever seem to win!


  4. I saw it today for the first time! I wonder if it just doesn’t show up on my computer at work? I’ll have to watch for it.

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