I noticed that my fellow Blog editors with the exception of WJJ are all using their real names as well as their pseudonyms. So when I was asked by a fellow Blogger “what’s with the Tuxedos,” I felt that there was no real need to be secretive. SEE BELOW . . . .

– Handsome aren’t we ! –
I’m the one with the date. (-:


12 thoughts on “The MIB

  1. What a dangerous looking group – those on the right, of course!

    Best wishes and loads of happiness, though!

  2. Thanks 49er for the congrats even if they are somewhat belated that was 2001, I’ve gained a few pounds and there is a bit more grey in Q’s hair. Mike is much the same except I think the bump on his head has shrunk. That’s what happens when you fall for another man’s wife, at his wedding no less (-:

  3. In the picture there are two men with marriage certificates, two batchelors ,two brother-in-laws, three men with life partners, two men with divinity training, one man that knows what a dragons heart beat sounds like, three wearing wedding bands, two history majors, one brother, and one very beautiful woman (and no it’s not the one in the background).

    Can you pick the right ones?

    By the way I didn’t say I would answer which are which but let’s see who gets close….

  4. well,
    the cat’s out of the bag now.
    I’m glad I was in on the secret before the big ‘reveal’.

  5. Off topic a little, Bill, but whilst reading one of those political blogs centered around the District of Columbia the other day noticed a discussion about using one’s real name or a pseudonym on blogs, and the comment that made most sense to me was that egos of bloggers using their own names seem to be much more fragile than the other kind.

    When one’s ideas or opinions are attacked using their real names they seem to have taken it much more personally. So I think I’ll stick with ’49erDweet’, even though my name is Dwight Metcalfe. The ‘tag’ I use identifies me as an old-timer (75.8 years) and a Californian (native-born, no less).

    Also, to aid in personal accountability I’ve activated the e-mail link on my blogger profile page.

    No sense it making it a big issue, however, because until I retired from government service recently, because I was in management and spoke in public circles it would have been unseemly to blog my personal opinions at the same time under my real name. I’m sure there are many, many bloggers on the net in a similar boat.


  6. 49er – Are you saying I have a fragile ego )-: you cut me to the quick. (-:

    In reality the reason I used my real name is that I saw no reason not to. I don’t give out things like home addresses, phone numbers and things of that sort, but the first thing I do when I meet someone is say hello I’m Bill Arends.

    I am careful not to say anything online that I would not say to someones face.(or at least want to)

    anonymity on the net is also almost impossible. I used to work with a guy whose sideline business was finding people via their online activity. he told me a few trade secrets that proved to me that hiding your identity online is not as easy as you might imagine. Basically because people make mistakes that out themselves usually within the the first few weeks of establishing a new pseudonym.

    I like your reasoning for a pseudonym, the name seems to suit you. So to you it is more a way of identifying yourself than hiding yourself.

    Politically speaking getting into the habit of taking ownership of your words is esential. If you don’t then you run the risk of thinking an off handed comment will be forgotten, one that will likely come back and bite you in the rear. I am affraid there are a few of mine out there, that one day I am going to have to admit to.

  7. Bill, I would never attack you personally. Just commenting on the comment. But I suspect you already knew that. 🙂

    And, “Jack’s”, nobody reading this blog is that gullible.


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