Taking a poke at the Maple Leafs

The Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Maple Leafs are NHL rivals, and their supporters despise one another. Which brings me to this brief notice in the print edition of today’s Ottawa Citizen:


Following last night’s game 5-3 victory over Montreal, the Toronto Maple Leafs head into tomorrow’s trading deadline, with 61 points, 29 less than the 90 hockey pundits say will more or less need to make the playoffs next month. [sic! There are several punctuation and grammatical errors in the preceding sentence; I assure you they’re all there in the original.]

The Leafs have 21 games left to go with the potential of earning another 42 points between now and April 18 when they play the Pittsburgh Penguins in their last game of the regular season. We know that’s out of the question, but even earning another 29 points is a tall order to make it around the 90 they roughly need to make the postseason.

Basically, the Leafs have to win 75 per cent of their games here on in. We’ll chart their course over the next six weeks and, at the appropriate time, declare them dead.

Hmmmmm. Apparently the Citizen‘s journalists are already beginning to gloat. “Leafwatch” = death watch.

In other hockey news, my beloved Montreal Canadiens are 6 points ahead of the Leafs, despite last night’s loss, and holding on to the final playoff spot in their division.


7 thoughts on “Taking a poke at the Maple Leafs

  1. Ah, a religious rant!

    But you left off the second half of the chant: “Leafs suck!”

    Me, I’ll be content to be a Sens follower in Flamesland. Though I found it interesting that Rona here was selling garbage cans with Edmonton Oilers logos on them …

  2. Bill:

    I think there’s a glitch of some sort in your CSS. There are basically two choices for font size: normal and gargantuan — nothing in between.

    I tried several approaches; all produced the same all-or-nothing results. Even when I tried font size=100% I got the gargantuan version, which is bizarre!

  3. But we all know the truth you’ve lived too long in Eastern ON to apreciate the artistry of the leafs.

    How else can they loose year after year and still play to a full house.


  4. Oh, I’ve been to Make Believe Gardens a few times during work terms. $8 for a seat up high in the greys. Often picked up a couple of cheap salami bagels from Druxy’s on the way from College station for supper–no problem carrying them into the arena. Never had a problem making it home on the subway either, even when wearing the colours of the often-victorious visiting team.

    Artistry? Yeah. Rap and Nirvana are art forms, too. People still buy it.

    But hey, every Leafs ticket goes to support the Ontario teachers’ pension fund. Consider it a public service …

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