Anybody missing some CD’s?

Torino’s Olympic Medals
Due to budget cutbacks in Torino, the Olympic comittee bought some spray paint and a little ribbon…then …PRESTO! We have some fancy looking Olympic medals!

6 thoughts on “Anybody missing some CD’s?

  1. Hey I like the medals, they look better than the standard coin on a string look.

    This sort of cool stylish flare is something the Italians are good at.

    Besides when you aren’t wearing it you can use it a a beer coaster, it’s big enough.

  2. Hey, the maple-leaf-garbed athletes have grabbed more than a dozen … good on ’em.

    Ms. Klassen, I hope you add a gold one to your collection. Winnipeg needs something to cheer about.

  3. So much for the Mens Hockey team though.

    By the way the group of hockey playing kids interviewed about the results of the game on CTV national news was our cub pack my wife was one of the skaters in the background.

  4. Wow. Two dozen donuts for the Canadian contingent.

    Cindy Klassen can make her own tri-colour version of the Olympic rings. One gold donut, two silver donuts, and two bronze donuts to sweeten up the bronze cowpie from Salt Lake. That’s quite a collection.

    Clara Hughes and Kristina Groves won’t be forgotten, either. Cindy Klassen made sure they got their due. These gals look like they really enjoy seeing each other succeed. That’s team spirit.

    Russ Howard looks like he’s allergic to the flowers. But hey, he’s where Kevin Martin will never be, and Newfoundland and Labrador have new heroes. Well done.

    The NHL may have just reaped what they sowed with the lost season. The lost year meant that the younger guys couldn’t develop to that level, and the older ones couldn’t recognise their game was slowly slipping away. Disappointed in them? Only a bit. Things never felt right with them; they got what their play earned them. They’ll do better in four years.

    Perhaps the bigger disappointment is short-track. No gold there in a sport we used to dominate. Korea and China are the powers there.

    Our nordic team needs people to come in behind Becky Scott and Sara Renner. Milanie Theriault won’t be back. Chandra Crawford is the first of the next generation. Maybe Amanda Ammar, who is just 20. She should be peaking for 2014.

    Three times there were two Canadians on the podium. Some year there’ll be a sweep in one event.

    Lots of fourth-place finishes, and some of those will be medal prospects in the next go-round. No DFLs, and that’s something the Americans can’t say.

    And so we look to Vancouver 2010. Will Canada do better as a whole? Maybe.The COA wants 35 medals out of those games. If that’s going to happen, we need to develop not only the stars of these games, but the ones who could be in the next one. Our egos are stoked on their labours. If we take pride in our athletes, let’s give them the support they need to perform. We’re prouder of them than our government, and athletes cost less than MPs do …

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