Welcome WJJ

Just to introduce everyone The Art of the Rant has a new contributing editor. His Photo will be added to the side bar as soon as I find time to scan one for him.


12 thoughts on “Welcome WJJ

  1. Sadie – The Men in Black ? I think I like that but as you know most of these men in Black are not great conspiracy afficionados, so it may not work.

  2. For those that are in the know about the past association of all these so called Men in Black.

    This is just to say the final man in Black, unfortunately has had to turn down my invitation to blog.

    He is very busy with a relatively new project, that is taking up most of his time. Without giving away too much he is becoming the formost authority on Dragon noises. (-:

  3. I will do some re-scans next weekend, This weekend I can’t because I am camping with a bunch of Cub Scouts. Most of the shots are from a friends digital camera. If I scan from the original phot it should look better.

  4. Five armies? Spiders? And a particular grey wizard? Ah, I know you can’t say, but I can speculate. Good on him, and say “Hi!’

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