Thanks, Bill

Greetings from Calgary!

I’m a bit of a different thinker than the three other folk on this blog. But that’s part of what it’s about. In the days of Prime Minister Turner (remember him?) I was a card-carrying member of the party in support of one person seeking the nomination for the forthcoming election. (He lost to the man who worked to facilitate booking Bill’s wedding reception on Parliament Hill, and who recently lost his seat.) I no longer hold a party card, and have used that freedom to vote for four different parties in the past five federal elections.

I am active in a local church, one that holds to the Anabaptist tradition and seeks to live it out meaningfully in the context of today’s real and harsh world. I freely admit that my faith in Jesus Christ and my thinking have to go together. Call it “working out your salvation.” Others may disagree on that point, and they’re free to do so.

I can truly claim Canadian heritage, since I have ancestors who became Canadians on July 1, 1867. This doesn’t give me a unique perspective on Canadian affairs, but it does give me an emotional attachment to Canada. What goes on in politics and society affects me. I’ll comment as I see fit and have opportunity, and refrain when I don’t feel I can contribute constructively to the dialogue.

Bill, Mike, Q, thanks for the invitation to reconnect and to explore the world of blogging.


5 thoughts on “Thanks, Bill

  1. Welcome, WJJ. Your bio sounds not so different from my own. My Christian faith is a core part of my identity, too, as you’ll see if you visit Ragged Glory.

    I like to visit Conservative blogs and persecute the bloggers, but I was briefly a member of the party. I joined to express my support when the PC Party was merging with the CA, because I thought Canada was desperately in need of a united opposition to the Liberals. This “natural governing party” thing is not healthy for democracy, if there’s no hope of anyone else ever forming a government.

  2. Sadie Lou:
    “Q” is the designation scholars use for a source, no longer extant, that (theoretically) lies behind the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Scholars are attempting to reconstruct it, based (mostly) on passages which are found in both Matthew and Luke, but not in Mark.

    Like the Gospel of Thomas, it consists mostly of Jesus’ sayings, with minimal narrative material to connect the sayings.

    If I had known that I was going to start Ragged Glory, I probably wouldn’t have called myself Q. When my only blog was Simply Put, it was a little joke solely for my private amusement. But on Ragged Glory, I actually discuss “Q” from time to time, and I feel a bit weird about it!

    The explanation is not nearly as flashy as Q on James Bond, or Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation!

  3. I liked that you turned this into a post–i think a lot of people were wondering.
    by the way–do you still post on cyberkitten’s blog? I haven’t seen you there in awhile…

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