Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

The day, after the election, I woke up and looked off my balcony toward parliament hill (in the distance). There was the peace tower same as always with the same red and white flag flying over it. There were no hordes of blue scarfed conservatives crushing through the doors, not that I could really see them from 4 kms away, but I am sure they were not there. The American embassy had not moved any closer to parliament it was still on Sussex, looking like an upside down battleship, what an ugly building. As far as I can tell the hospitals were still open, softwood lumber was still piling up in the Ottawa valley, and mad cows were still wandering the streets of Edmonton.

In other words Nothing had really changed and I am not sure it will for some time.

BUT there was one really funny thing (this is true);

Every day since we moved into our apartment in August, I have looked out at the parliament buildings the flag on the peace tower has ALWAYS flown west toward Ontario, on Tuesday it was Flying East toward Quebec.

So now the political winds are blowing from the west as are the real winds, good or bad omen you decide.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

  1. Sorry guys I looked off the balcony this morning and the flag is back to the old direction, but weakly so. Maybe because to a small degree Mr Harper is acting like a small c conservative

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