Children Elections Dessert and Spoiled Fruit.

When I have a few more minutes I will post on the change of government but for today I want to draw your attention to Mary P’s Blog.

I think her post entitled “Election Day, the Sign Mans, and my Dessert,” in which she explains the election to the toddlers at her daycare is amazing.

That said, she ends by comparing the outcome to dessert because “Whichever dessert had more people wanting it, that’s what everyone would eat. . . and, if I’m lucky, I’ll get the dessert I wanted.”

Great analogy but, as I responded to her posting;

If this is the dessert, than I think the ice cream is sour, and the fruit is rancid.

It is a good thing that because so few really like it that they might allow us to send it back



2 thoughts on “Children Elections Dessert and Spoiled Fruit.

  1. Not entirely.

    I love that minority position it works well.

    I described it as, the conservatives are the horse and the liberals Bloc and NDP have the reigns.

    I just think a cattle prod should be used on the horse “Liberally” (-:

    That said the daycare proposal of the CPoC might serve you better than the Liberals semi-public daycare option.

    Even if the amount it disgustingly low $100 a month makes your daycare more affordable for a percentage of the population and eases the financial load on others. (that is not saying you are expensive, because you are not, you are the best option in the city, well run and Fun Fun Fun – Okay sucked up enough?)

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