Hamas’ Al Aqsa Television

This is the image that comes to my mind when I think of Hamas

In 2004 Hamas sent masked collectors into the streets and Mosques of Gaza to gather contributions for the resistance above is a picture of a collection box used in that campaign.

The photo shows a child contributing money. The object on top of the box is a live hand grenade (Israeli TV Channel 2, April 10, 2004).
During that campaign, magazines, bullets, grenades and explosives were also donated.
That said, the following article caught my eye.
Hamas’ Al Aqsa Television
Normally I am for freedom of the press, but since Hamas’s means to its political ends are questionable, is this to be a vehicle of information or a means to spread violence?


3 thoughts on “Hamas’ Al Aqsa Television

  1. Mrs.Aginoth said…
    hmm, I guess it does depend on what is broadcast. Readings from the quran can’t really be considered to be inciting violence.

    However, if they start to incite people to perform illegal acts, that should be curbed – I’m sure that a relevent law could be drafted if there isn’t one already.

    Here in the UK we have laws against inciting violence, racial hatred, terrorism or criminal offences. (actually, we have laws against pretty much saying anything, but the Government & police take a fairly liberal view of general protest – usually!). We also have some “illegal organisations” who do not have the right to campaign publically (the IRA and UFF are examples) due to their policies.

    In theory I’m all for the freedom of the press, but feel there does need to be some restraint if necessary.

    BTW, that picture of a child putting money into a box with a grenade is just horrible.

  2. Sorry about the Picture, but like I said this is the image I have of Hamas.

    It may have changed over time but that was only two years ago.

    I guess I just earned an NC-17 Rating for this Blog.

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