Two jokes for Canadian readers

CBC radio one reviewed the Chronicles of Narnia last night. (Like every other review I’ve heard or read, they liked it.) The reviewer got in a good line for his Canadian listeners.

“There’s a lot of snow in this movie,” he said. “Watching it is a very Canadian experience. First there’s all the snow; then there are the talking beavers. They could have called this movie The Chronicles of Sarnia.”

Rick Mercer is at it again with the photoshop schtick. This one sums up the spirit of a Christmas-time election very well, I think:

Bad Santa by Doug Webber

But it isn’t the funniest of the photos. Personally, I’m partial to the one of Chretien’s head on a plate.


One thought on “Two jokes for Canadian readers

  1. Is the middle one Martin? This picture would be funny if it weren’t so disturbing. We Canadians have strange body types, don’t we? We have enough talking beavers too!

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