A Christmas tree is a Christmas tree.

A Christmas tree is a Christmas tree.

There are Christian traditions and there are non-Christian ones.

Being a world of many cultures allows us to have all of them.

If I see a Menorah in a window at Hanukkah I don’t call them holiday lights.

In 2001 The Taliban leaders issued a religious edict deeming two of the World’s tallest Buddha Statues, which are carved into a mountain, as non-Islamic and ordered their destruction.

Although I am not Buddhist I see this as a great loss of a traditional symbol, in much the same way I might morn the demise of the Christmas tree.

I think it is more honourable to say your religion doesn’t offend me, then ban it from being seen or spoken.

To Christians this is to be a time of Joy, let them have their joy at Christmas.


5 thoughts on “A Christmas tree is a Christmas tree.

  1. I agree. Although I am a non-Christian, I still celebrate the cultural event. I have kids…and the tree, stocking and santa ritual is well worth the fun to preserve. Oi! The perils of globalization…people become persnickedy and nitpicky!

  2. A Christmas tree is totally non-christian in origin, but yes i agree with you. Why on earth would normal people be “offended” by symbols of other faiths?

    As a child we always had a christmas tree & Chunnuka candles in december, and Easter eggs & Dradels in April. No-body had any problem with that then – not my rabbi, or my Christian school!

  3. A Christmas tree is indeed a Christmas tree. I have never had one and never will (since I am Jewish), but I am definitely not offended by it being referred to by its name.

    But I can’t get behind the claims of there being a “War on Christmas.” Whoever said that apparently doesn’t live in Texas.

  4. From what I hear of Texas I suspect there is definitely not a war on Christmas there.

    As for anywhere else maybe but that is not term I would use.

    I think the quote came from Q’s blog Simply Put. That said, I am not sure if he said it or if it was a quote from someone else I will surf over there later and check out the debate.

  5. The phrase “war on Christmas” came from Jack’s blog. But it wasn’t Jack’s idea, either. Some Christians think there’s a war on Christmas.

    They’re taking it way too personally, of course. At worst, it’s a case of political correctness run amok.

    Stacey, I take your point about Texas. But Canada, like Europe, is a place where faith has been banished from our culture.

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