For those that would like to publicize that they actually visit this site please feel free to stick a pin in our map.

You can also find a link to the map on the side bar.


7 thoughts on “FRAPPR

  1. frappr dislikes me…Under severe protest I have stuck a pin in Toronto. That is despite not living in Toronto, but that is the closest place that it recognizes (despite the maps clearly showing Aurora).

  2. For fun Michael zoom in on your pin.

    Either you live at the hospital for sick Children or Frappr thinks the hospital is the geographic centre of Toronto.

  3. Yup…frappr stinks. I waited for it to make a Frapachino for me and it gave me nothing…talk about a rip off! Hospital for Sick Children is actually not to far off from the centre of Toronto (City Hall at Bay & Queen). Sick Kids is also near Queen’s Park (Ontario’s Capital).

    For Americans and others reading this…forget trying to figure it out…its to crazy Canadians communicating in code 🙂

  4. Frappr hates me much more – I totally confused it by changing continents, so it crashed my computer, firefox & still didn’t give me a pin!

    I’m stuck with IE until I can make FF work again, so I’m not going to risk trying again.

    hi from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, Uk

    MR A has a better map thingy on his blog – you can zoom into your own road!

  5. Mrs Aginoth

    Sorry Frappr seems to be giving a few people greif but I don’t think its the change in continents, as Dave from Brighton seems to have succeeded in pinning himself on the map. It may be a IE version problem.

  6. Beth from Albert pinned a note with the slogan “Bill’s a Pinko Bill’s a Pinko”

    All I can say is thanks, to me that’s almost a compliment.

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