Editorial Sabbatical

I would like to apologise to those that read this column regularly (and I notice via the stat counter that people do read regularly) that I have been absent and not posted for some time. I had a conference to attend in Winnipeg, or should I say my wife did, I was just the driver.

Again I will be taking a brief Sabbatical, as I have a few issues I have to resolve both financial and personal, that will take up most of my time for the next few months.

I will be leaving the Blog in the capable hands of my co-editors Mike and Q.



5 thoughts on “Editorial Sabbatical

  1. Mike and Q

    Have fun !

    Here are some ideas.

    1. Why GM cars Suck
    2. Why lawyer suck
    3. why vets suck
    4. Why banks suck
    5. Why bad things happen to good people.

  2. Okay. The cars line I understand, the vet and bank I can guess at, but lawyers? Why are you having trouble with lawyers?

  3. Why banks suck?
    American banks are the best since there are no service fees that I have run into. In fact they pay you to open an account with them in some cases.

    Why bad things happen to good people?
    Not sure but I am getting the bums rap here in the states from the New York City Department of Education. (More on this later on either this blog or my own blog).

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