Scary what people will search for? Has anyone seen a "fake woman body suit"

Some one found this site by searching the words “fake woman body suit.”

At first I was disturbed and had mental images spring to my mind from Silence of the Lambs, but then I checked how this search was able to find The Art of the Rant.

In an article some time back I mentioned that a certain Canadian artist criticised the US by parading around in a fake nude woman body suit during the Juno Awards (Alanis how could you) in parody of Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Malfunction.

I’m not sure if the searcher found his fake woman body suit or not or why he might be looking for such a thing but GOOD LUCK WITH THAT Dude!


3 thoughts on “Scary what people will search for? Has anyone seen a "fake woman body suit"

  1. Okay there must be a reason! I just checked my stats and 5 people have looked up “fake woman body suit” and found this Blog (one one was me, testing the results) Of course that could be because of this posting but, if not why would such a thing be popular. Maybe it is the new fashion in evening atire. Excuse me while I slip into a new gender.:-)

  2. I would suggest the stats are people messing around seeing if your claim was true.

    Anybody want to explain the “fake woman body suit” search on Google?

  3. Your search is somewhat scarey, but remember the one on my blog? Someone found me by searching for photos of castrated testicles.

    I just don’t want to know why they were searching for that!

    Strangely enough, there was a reference on my blog that legitimately directed them to me with that search chain.

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