Final Resting Place No More, or Good Bye Gaza

I have stayed clear of the Issue of the evictions of Jewish settlers from Gaza and The West Bank, but the following picture caption is disturbing

“A family mourns the death of their six-year-old daughter, who died 11 years ago; now, they must dig her up and rebury her in Jerusalem. Even the dead must go – all the graves will be removed.”

While this might be a wise thing to do, It seems morbid and to some degree wrong.

Though I do not entirely agree with the Settlements in the West Bank If a settler spent the last years of his life there and chose to be buried there then does anyone have the right to move them from their so called “final resting place”


4 thoughts on “Final Resting Place No More, or Good Bye Gaza

  1. Even in countries like Canada, there are occasional instances where Jewish graves are desecrated. Sometimes human nature stinks.

    Like you, Bill, I’m still trying to make sense of the Gaza pull-out. But I think many Jews are equally confused. (For example, I recently saw a comment from Dr. Bean, “I no longer know what to hope for.”)

    All I know is, Sharon is taking a new approach and maybe it has a chance of producing good fruit. You’ve got to admire his courage for attempting to grope his way to a solution.

    There’s no way to move forward without causing a certain amount of hardship and even misery. It can’t be done cleanly. However regrettable that may be, I think it’s better than the alternative: inaction; the status quo.

  2. Just like experience at Jack’s shack and my own blog, I have removed a comment that only contained some useless advertising for nothing relating to the post in question.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled program.


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