Kasper who are you?

Recently I have had several hits from people that entered this page from kaspershow.blogspot.com/. As there is no reference that I can find on the aforementioned page to This Blog I am baffled as to why. Normally I would say it is simply someone cruising Blogger but as a series of visits from different areas of the country came via Kasper’s Blog I am curious to know if there is a connection I am missing?

I even emailed the guy to inquire and have as yet to get a response.


8 thoughts on “Kasper who are you?

  1. Daily commuter See my email in regards to stats.

    The amount of data you can find about your visitors however is limited and you have to guess based on when the visitor posted as to who is linked to what visit.

    For example I can only guess that you ;
    Have visited 3 times
    The last time 10th August 2005
    At 13:00:42
    For 2 hours 8 mins 33 secs
    using fox 1.0.4
    on a Windows XP platform
    at a resolution of 1024×768

    You came directly to my site so you must have found my address on another site we both visit and book marked it into your browser, and used that to return.

    your ISP is from the UK and as your name on your email is familiar I suspect you my be a relative (though that is highly unlikely)

    a lot of people have this feature built into their sites so beware there is a limit to anonymity.

    A limited stats service like the one I use is free imagine how much more data you could find if you paid for it.

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