Oscar’s very bad (life is unfair) week

This post is especially for Jack.

Shell-shocked, stoic kitty

Last week was a very bad week for Oscar. But I’ll let Bill explain. (It’s his cat.)

6 thoughts on “Oscar’s very bad (life is unfair) week

  1. Ah, another cat picture. Poor kitty. Wouldn’t it be better for all of the cats if they were sent to some island where they could all live in perpetuity in the company of their brethren. 😉

  2. Note to Q and others. The Oscar picture caused the sidebar to slide to the bottom of the page.

    I easily resized the picture to 95% of its original size via a little html work. I did not edit the picture in any way, just resized it by changing the percentage.

    Just a note as the sidebar seems to shift to the bottom of the page for us Internet Explorer users.

    K…now on with the usual comments that are usual to follow about how much Firefox (and other browsers) are better than Internet Explorer and how Microsoft is bad for this world….

  3. No snide remarks, Michael. But I use Firefox at home and Netscape at work, so I wouldn’t have known about the problem with IE.

    Thanks for fixing it. I’ll remember to set the width at 95% next time I post a picture.

    Has this happened on Simply Put? I always set horizontal pictures at 100% width; maybe I should change my practice there, too.

  4. Weird thing is, Q, your blog has been perfect in Internet Explorer. It seems to only happen in Bill’s blog. Can’t figure out why.

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