Pit Bulls "Makem into hamburger for all I care"

I was recently on a Blog that was discussing a Pitbull attack on a child. The dog tore the child’s arm off when he stuck it through the fence. The owner of the Blog was chastising the parent for allowing the child in the backyard unattended with a vicious dog in the next yard. While I don’t agree with leaving a very young child unattended in such a situation, I can’t concur that the parents were entirely to Blame. The comment that caught my eye after this one (attached) was a rather passionate one. I normally don’t go for abusive posts like this but the feeling expressed in the post was remarkable close to mine. I post it here for your comments. Let me know what you think?

Pit Bulls will eventually be outlawed everywhere. Sorry as far as I can tell that is not a big problem. Where is the logic, we hunted the wolf population until it was almost gone then we breed these hideous things?

People are all for protecting all Gods creatures screw that protect humans first and exterminate these vile sub animals.

Awww don’t kill the poor F_ING doggie. F_k that, makem into hamburger for all I care.

Sure we should watch our kids, but if this dog was never born the kid would still have his arm. There is something immoral about breeding and using an animal to attack other animals and humans, don’t ya think.

If we bred humans to kill indiscriminately we would be called criminal, what’s the difference?

These things are genetically insane.

Pit bulls where created to be put in a pit and tear other dogs to pieces, that’s where the Pit comes from.

You own one of these things you are a criminal. Your Pitbull kills a kid, your a murderer.

Its that simple..

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3 thoughts on “Pit Bulls "Makem into hamburger for all I care"

  1. I don’t buy into this argument. It doesn’t cover all of the possibilities such as the care that is given to the dog and that is IMO the fundamental distinction between good and bad dogs.

  2. In the last 18 months, 12 of the 18 confirmed dog-related fatalities (most are children) in the U.S. — or 67% — have been caused by the pit bull terrier, a breed that accounts for only 1% of the U.S. dog population.

    It all boils down to temperment.

    Temperament are those traits and mental attitudes shared by canines and combined with the special characteristics proper to a certain dog breed. Much of a dog’s temperament relates to its breed history and genetic inheritance. Any dog that displays uncharactaristic behavior for its breed is showing improper temperament.

    However temperment can only be judge by experience an reputation.

    In the case of pitbulls see the stats that begin this comment.

    There are a million websites out there that defend the pit bull but if you look at the logic in the preceding comment and the stats that begin it it is hard to support the argument that the pit bull is good with children.

    I like dogs in general most dogs are better with children than cats, but not Pit bulls.

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