I Support Gay Marriage

Recently I ran a poll and invited people’s input on the issue of same sex Marriage.

I attempted to stay neutral and not offer my opinion as I have friends that are against gay marriage and friends that are for Gay marriage.

Unfortunately friends from both sides did not take my neutrality well. I have had emails from Gay friends and religious fundamentalist friends saying that in my neutrality I am supporting the opposite position. (I would have preferred they post their comments on the Blog rather then in my email)

In a recent Blog article Q gave me some very good advice as follows:

In my experience, trying to stay neutral doesn’t spare you any grief; it just exposes you to criticism from both sides.

If you position yourself on one side or the other, you cut your potential critics in half and likely gain some supporters!

But it’s tough to side with one set of friends against another set of friends. It sounds like there was no good solution open to you.

So for those of you that care and obviously some of you do, I support Gay marriage.

If you would like to see a very good discussion on this topic, there is a link to Q’s Blog (Simply Put) in the side bar.

There are two threads in Q’s Blog that address the issue. While the thread entitled Canadian Legislature Votes for Same Sex Marriage addresses the issue directly, the thread entitled Debating Etiquette, part 3: Arguments also deals with same sex marriage, although this thread was primarily to address, debating and arguments.

There have been some fallacious arguments used by the side that supports the so-called “traditional definition of marriage” that have in my opinion been offensive.

I think Q’s approach to debating this issue is an excellent example of how this debate should be conducted.


One thought on “I Support Gay Marriage

  1. Good for you, Bill! It’s hard to risk offending friends, but one has to be true to one’s principles. If they’re truly friends, they should be able to stay friends, despite whatever opinions (hopefully respectfully expressed) they have about your stand on this one issue. And if you lose a friend over this, how much of a friend were they really? At least you haven’t lost your self-respect.

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