Martin’s Speech

Condensed version

Martin —-

Yes we did it (but not everything, and I didn’t know about it), we are sorry, let the judge do his job, and let us have a few more months in office.

Condensed response

Harper —-

F_k you: we’re going to force an election before the judge finds you even partially innocent or at least stupid.

Layton —-

Hey give us what we want in the budget and we will let you live.


Go to H_ll (or should I say Allez à l’enfer ) and thanks for blaming it all on Quebec.


2 thoughts on “Martin’s Speech

  1. If Harper forces an election this spring, there will be a certain justice in it. Remember the election in 2000?

    The Canadian Alliance Party was brand new. Stockwell Day had just been elected leader of the party. Jean Chrétien suddenly called an election, only 3½ years into his previous mandate, and with no national issue to set before Canadians.

    Chrétien’s strategy was to force Day out on the campaign trail before he had an opportunity to establish himself. It was raw political opportunism, and it paid off with Chrétien’s third consecutive majority.

    What goes around, comes around, and now it’s the Liberals turn. Sure, “fairness and due process” — Paul Martin’s phrase — would put off the election until Justice Gomery tables his report. But the Conservatives smell blood now.

    In my opinion, the Conservatives forfeit some of the moral high ground by being so opportunistic. But that’s politics, and no one knows it better than the Liberals.

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