Do We Really Think Our Friends Are The Moralizing Evil Empire ?

Old News

Sorry this is old news, but I was looking at articles that I wrote before the creation of the blog ,and thought this one was deserving of posting.

What does our southern neighbour think of us? Well I’m not sure what they should think of us, to be honest. We are their largest trading partner, we supply them with power for their already over stressed power grid, we flock by the thousands each year to their tourist spots but we secretly harbour ill will to their politicians, and poke fun at their flip flopping morality. Last year before Bush squeezed himself into another term Macleans ran a cover story entitled “HOPE YOU LOOSE EH?”

However the battle didn’t end there; Fox network published the following articles pointing out our insincerity as friendly neighbours. (See below)

Canada: With Friends Like These…

from FOX website
By John Gibson

The Canadian version of the Grammy Awards were handed out earlier this week. The Junos were hosted by Canadian pop star Alanis Morissette.

She made news by dropping her dress and revealing a body suit designed to make her look nude, sort of. Attached to the fake nude body suit were fake nipples and fake pubic hair.

This, of course, was all meant to mock the Americans getting all excited and bent out of shape about Janet Jackson’s (search) bare breast. The Canadian audience went wild.

Morissette then said, “It’s great to be back up North where we have an appreciation of the beauty of a woman’s body,” and then something more about the Americans being engulfed in a climate of fear.

And again, the audience went wild.

Now we’ve seen this before. Dan Ackroyd (search) does it, Morissette does it — Canadians who aren’t happy selling to their own very small market spouting off about how they hate America and then coming down here to sell.

All of that is extremely juvenile, like the kid who screams at his parents. But could all the Canadians who come here to sell their records and their movies and their TV shows — could they just do it up front?

Say all the nasty things about Americans before they try to sell their stuff to them and see if it sells all that well. Go ahead, Alanis… try it down here if you’ve got the guts.

Oh, but that’s right — you’ve already taken millions from Americans so you’d probably feel quite free to criticize.

That’s My Word.

What do you think?

USA: Land of the Free, Home of the Evil?

from FOX website

SEATTLE – Evil – a word usually reserved for the likes of Adolph Hitler or Usama bin Laden – is now being used by more than a third of Canadian teens to describe the United States.

In a recent poll, 40 percent of Canadian teens said the United States is a force for evil in the world, with 50 percent saying it’s a force for good and 10 percent reporting they were undecided on the subject. French-Canadians (search) were even harsher, with 64 percent of them calling America a force for evil.

“What they’re reacting to is a sense that the U.S. is belligerent,” said the pollster who conducted the phone survey, Greg Lyle. “The U.S. is sort of bellicose, warmongering [and has] this sort of cowboy diplomacy.”

But former Canadian diplomat Martin Collacot (search) says the teens are responding to cues from their government, the media and their teachers.

The anti-Americanism from the United States’ northern neighbors seemed to peak when the Iraq war started.

In one incident, hockey fans in Montreal booed during the playing of the American national anthem. Then-Prime Minister Jean Chretien’s spokesman was caught on mike calling President Bush a moron. And while the streets of Quebec (search) were filled with war protesters, a member of Parliament from the ruling Liberal Party was quoted as saying: “Damn Americans. I hate those bastards.”



But with all this rhetoric, what has happened? We are still their largest trading partner, we still supply them with power and we flock by the thousands each year to their tourist spots depositing millions of dollars into their economy. I’m sure there are many that see the Beef and softwood lumber problems as retaliation, but the current softwood lumber dispute commenced in April of 2001, two years before Canada’s refusal to join in the coalition of the willing, and the beef issue began less than two months after the beginning of the war (not likely that any government would work this fast). Is it that we are too valuable to loose as a friend that makes them stay friendly, even if we think they’re evil rampant moralist with a questionable leader?(or so says our media) It could be that we would pose to great a security threat if we were an enemy (not likely) The other possibility and the most likely one is that they don’t give a damn. A lion may not care if he shares his cage with a mouse, however he might have a problem with another lion. I guess if we squeak its not much of a problem however a roar might not be a good thing.


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