Enemy of the State: or why we should Vote

The great citizen Anonymous once said “Don’t vote, it only encourages them.”

This great man was the strength behind a thousand bad men, men such as Joseph Stalin, Benito Musolini Adolph Hitler and Sadam Husien. Anonymous has a second name that he is afraid to admit to: Dork. The great citizen Anonymous Dork has been saying for years that it is 1. Useless to vote 2. Dangerous to vote 3. Voting is a myth etc… The truth is that Mr Dork does not want us to know that bad politicians and governments are the product of bad citizens like anonymous Dork who can’t be bothered to vote.

Mr Dork also has a compatriot of some note. His name is Self-righteous Vocal Minority. Mr Minority while at times being right has a tendency to take advice from another not so learned citizen named General Ignorance. General Ignorance in association with Mr Minority and unhindered by Anonymous Dork’s refusal to vote leads to bad government. Which is total contradiction to the moto of the great nation of Canada which is “Peace, Order, and Good Government

Therefore Enemies of the state in Canada are as follows

1. The Anonymous Dork who wont vote.
2 . Self-righteous Vocal Minority
3. General Ignorance

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